Monday, March 19, 2007

Technical Issues

Today I got up bright and early planning on getting 8 to 9 articles written. Well, I didn't get that many finished. I did get several started, just none are finished yet. I am going to try to get them finished tonight so I don't want to say I didn't get anything done.

I finally got my kids started in Oregon Connections Academy. They start their classes tomorrow from what the lady in placement and the lady in registration said. I need to do the tutorial still, my computer decided not to have sound when I tried it earlier.

I have been having issues with my computer. Somehow I erased parts of Windows 98 and I lost my disk and have had a heck of a time to get a copy. I spent half of the day trying to get my computer back on track then I picked up a pepperoni pizza on the way home from Starbucks (I think I am getting addicted to their blended drinks).

I have a sinus headache so I took sudafed and now I am wide awake so perhaps the day isn't a total loss. I hope Lee is having better luck than I am.


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