Friday, June 8, 2007

What to do with that winter weight

I had surgery in December and since then I have put on a few extra pounds. I have had no luck with any diet but Atkins thus far so I figured I would go back on Atkins again.

I ran across an article about a variation of the Atkins diet that takes off weight faster and keeps it off better. Kimkins diet is featured on the cover of Woman's World magazine this week. This variation keeps the dieter at a lower carb intake that the regular Atkins diet starts at until the weight loss wanted is achieved.

I found when I was on Atkins I did much better at a really low carb count, I didn't lose any weight at all if I went over 30 net grams of carbs a day (and that isn't many!). If a person keeps their carb intake around 20 net carbs a day their body is forced to burn body fat for energy, this results in weight loss.

I am going to try the Kimkins diet. Anyone who wants to join me on the Kimkins diet can join