Thursday, March 22, 2007


Okay, today I got a check in the mail for $2,600USD. I was a bit intrigued when I noticed the letter was from outside of the United States. When I opened it and a check fell into my lap I was sure it was one of those "you get this money if you pay us so much each month" type of things.

I read the letter with the check and it says I won an international lottery. Hmmm, don't you think I would remember getting a lottery ticket at some point? Even so, I have looked over the check and it seems real. I think I'll do some calling just to figure out what the scam is tomorrow.

The note says I won $120,000USD and the check is supposed to be to cover the taxes and fees I'll have when I collect the $120,000 and that I have to collect the money before the 30th of March or the winnings go back into the lottery. I wonder what they would do if I only wanted the $2600 and not the whole $120,000? :-)

It would be nice to win anything. With $2600 I could get a new computer! With $120K I could get a new home. Actually, I think the first thing I would do is hire a learning coach to help me with my 14-year-old's home school since she has become irritable lately.

I've been told you get what you pay for and since this is a "free" lottery I don't expect to get anything but it was entertaining anyhow.

I did get a refund yesterday that I forgot about so I bought a new vacuum cleaner. That is close enough to winning the lottery for me.


theBarefoot said...

The old International Lotto scam. Got to love the effort the scammers put into trying to rip people off. If they just put as much into honest work...

Tamee said...

Yeah, it seems to me that the time and money they put into scamming people could be better spent many other ways.