Monday, March 19, 2007

New Challenge

When I was a kid I remember listening to talks in church where the speaker would challenge the congregation to do something. I didn't take most of those challenges but often pushed myself to do better because of a challenge that was brought up on Sunday.

Today happens to be Sunday (or was when I got out of bed) and while I was trying to catch up on forum posts at Associated Content (AC) I ran across a post by Lee Andrew . Lee decided to do an experiment to see if he can make a living at AC. I am curious how good of an income I can make at AC so I am going to try to follow his plan for the week and see what happens. I'm not going to write an article about my results, instead I'll put the details here.

First step to writing 51 to 60 articles in one week is to get enough sleep. It is nearly 3AM so I'm off to bed.


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