Saturday, March 24, 2007

My New Laptop

My new laptop is having shipping difficulties and isn't here yet. The computer I am currently using is running slow and some how has been infected with malware (not sure if it is true viruses or just spyware trying to get me to purchase their bogus software). I am unable to do things very fast with this machine.

My new computer was being shipped on Monday the 19th of March. It didn't get into the mail (he ran out of time--I can see it happening because Mondays are busy with school and work).

It was being sent on Tuesday and at the end of the day I called and he said he would send it on Thursday.

Thursday he worked late so he was sending it on Friday.

Finally, Friday came and UPS sent me an email telling me they were sending me a package. It was not even 15 minutes later that they sent another note that they shipment was cancelled. After all that to get the package sent the system wasn't working and couldn't take his credit card. Since it was during the last 15 minutes they were open he couldn't run to an ATM and get cash.

I wonder what Monday will have in store for my laptop.

I have two kids going to Oregon Connections Academy, a computer based school. The two of them trying to get their lessons done have been keeping me from getting much done. I wanted to get 5 to 10 articles a day written. I guess I better get busy this weekend and see if I can make up for lost time.

Spring Break is next week. I would love to go to the coast with the kids but I have a bzillion things to do here. We will see what happens.

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