Monday, March 26, 2007

How to Use Positive Discipline

Parenting means "to teach a child life skills by example, instruction, and making corrections when needed." It is imperative that the corrections from you, as a parent, are designed to build your child up instead of tearing your child down. This is where Positive Discipline comes in. Positive discipline uses positive intervention to teach a child to better handle a situation.

How Do Parents Use Positive Discipline?

To use Positive discipline you, the parent, must:
1. Stay in control of your own emotions when disciplining your child.
2. Take advantage of your child's parenting team.
3. Use logical consequences when disciplining your child.
4. Distinguish between your child's behavior and your child.
5. Use more praise than criticism when disciplining your child.
6. Allow your child to start over with a clean slate. READ MORE....

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