Monday, March 26, 2007

How to Teach Children Responsibility

The goal of teaching responsibility is to teach children to make choices that require thoughtful consideration of a situation. In a country where true heros are difficult to find and examples of irresponsibility saturate society, where we continue to see the results of a mindset where the rights and freedoms of individuals are often protected over the well-being of the community, parents must rise to the calling to teach their children responsibility.

Parents are the first (and most important) teachers children will ever have.
To teach children responsibility parents must:
(1) create an environment where responsibility is the norm,
(2) be responsible role models,
(3) teach responsibility from early on in life,
(4) expect children to act in a responsible manner,
(5) reinforce the responsible behaviors their children demonstrate, and
(6) stop irresponsibility before it becomes habit by using logical consequences. READ MORE....

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