Tuesday, October 30, 2007


There are days that just seem to last forever and others go by several days at a time.

Lately I have found that days seem to be leaving with partners. I have several projects going at once and each have this many or that many days to finish. Sometimes I am sure I have used one day and I find that when that day left it apparently took a friend or two because instead of having days left over I am looking a deadline in the eye.

With the new rules that Pres Bush signed into effect this time problem was even more confused this week. Now my computer thinks it is an hour before the actual time. Daylight Saving Time was supposed to end a couple days ago before Pres Bush signed the temporary change of the daylight saving time schedule to see if it would save energy.

Sure, I am interested in saving energy but goodness, at this point I could have saved some of my own time instead of using it chasing the daylight saving time schedule around to find out why my computer remembered and nobody in the neighborhood did.

Well, I figured it out, the time change is going to be starting NEXT weekend. Not last weekend.

Now that I have figured that one out, I need to get back to writing. I have a couple jobs I am working on and I want to start saving for Christmas.

I'll be writing from dawn to dusk for a while. Wish me luck.


Donald H Sullivan said...

I saw your post on Blooming Writer. I'm a "bloomin' writer" too, and am owner of a writer's group called World Fiction Writers (WFW)--which you're invited to join.

If you'd like to check out World Fiction Writers, just google Sullivan's Short Stories and you'll find a link to WFW there

The Lazy Vegan said...

Hi, Tamee: if you're the Tamee from NAA, miss you there! Hope you're doing okay. Actually went looking for you online after I saw you'd left.

Take care, Kim (kitkimmer at NAA)