Monday, September 24, 2007

ghost writing

I haven't posted any updates lately. It has been a bit crazy here for the past two weeks.

I have been ghost writing. I found that if I am assigned a topic I can write much faster than if I have to come up with my own topics. I have written several articles that are in the top ten results in google although I am not sure if that means I am a good writer or if that means I am writing for really good internet marketers who are able to get their pages listed where they want them.

I am going to start up a new website soon, I'll give more details as I get closer to launch date. Until then I'll do my best to update you at least weekly.

I have made it a goal to post here often. I have too many peoplel to update to try to do it individually.

The girls are going to school online this year. It has taken a while to get into the routine but hopefully we have a schedule set that will help with organization and with time problems we ran into with computer usage schedules since we have one less computer than students.

Connections Academy has been great. They sent the books for the girls school classes along with chalk, exercise bands, yoga cards, and other school supplies. I am excited about this school year.

What I am not excited about is the plumbing problems our home has been experiencing. The plumber is on the way, great fun!!

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your-writer said...

Homeschooling is so great. Children really get one on one attention that way. Not to mention anything about the safety of schools today!