Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Getting busy

I have been busy and haven't gotten much written here. I need to get caught up. While you wait for me to catch up with my writing I would like to invite you to go to my AC page to read my newest content!

I put a new PayPal donation button on my blog for those of you who want to make a donation to help keep me going.

I have been trying to get something written each day, I ended up with more some days than others but it ended up working out over the past week and a half that I put something for each day with an average of 1.5 articles daily. My back isn't agreeing with me so I haven't been able to do more than that.

I have had a run around with my regular child support and a few other things going on that are making it hard to pay my bills and still feed my kids. I hope things are straightened out soon.

My youngest sister has had something happen, not sure what this time, and she is in the behavior unit. I thought she planned the stay to get her meds adjusted but someone said it was unplanned so I have no clue. I am not sure how the list is figured out for visitors so I am not going to go try to get in to see her. Infact, she had a run in with my dad so I better just stay away from the hospital and wish her the best. I hope her docs are able to do for her what she is hoping.

Life has a way of catching up with me, which is what it has been doing. I hope you are able to catch up with everyone. I am off to write and perhaps even get a mocha from Starbucks! :-D

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